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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 19, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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and a gun wielding robber scared away by 6 lbs. of furey >> chicagos very own wgn news @ 9 >> the sunset tonight on a hot and sticky chicago will rise tomorrow with blistering intensity could be the hottest day yet the worst heat wave in six years top story extreme heat warning in effect next few days might get dangerous gaynor hall at north avenue beach >> extremely hot today and yesterday and the day before that and everyone is just bracing for even more sizzling temperatures in the days ahead.
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day three of scorching heat in chicago the worst yet to come. temperatures are rising into the upper 90s tomorrow and thursday extreme heat and humidity continuing to the weekend. city officials with familiar warning. >> please check on your debt neighbors and friends and relatives especially those elderly greatest danger in extreme heat. >> deadly summer of 1995 lessons learned more than 700 heat related deaths baby pete >> i just hope the city is ready to >> the difference now the fire commissioner says better communication between the city agencies >> all of these people you see we worked together every minute of every day to make sure that everybody is on target >> so far cost 23114 well-being checks lower than normal that is
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a good side >> people truly taking heed and the warnings seriously >> across the city people surgical ways to cool off most people >> i made sure that i drank a lot of water >> jumping into the lake not an option at chicago beaches today >> need to get out of the water >> swimming not allowed as dense fog covered the lakefront police arrested one man who refused park district officials said visibility was too limited for lifeguards to safely keep an eye on swimmers. >> a very hot day i want to jump into deep water >> hopefully people will be able to jump into the lake tomorrow, park district officials said it will monitor conditions at all of the beaches the dense fog lifted here at north avenue beach sometime around 7:00 and
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you can see people in the water now at their all rest since there are no lifeguards on duty a few more things to note fire officials asking people not to open fire hydrants because at that can hamper their efforts in the event of a fire also com ed says it will have extra crews working with dealing with comparable power outages as a result of crank up air- conditioning >> lessons learned from the dead late 1990 by heatwave weekend help chicago and many other citizens preparing sense that the man largely responsible for the progress and then at national weather service meteorologist paul dailey, sot has a in could be gets back then not leaked to put together a temperature humidity statistics that now help to warn of dangerous conditions >> very close to what we had in
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1995 not quite as hot nighttime temperatures are going to be warmer than they were in 1995 cell going to be very close the city is prepared we have a warning out now if we can get out to everybody we can save lives >> he says everybody can help by checking on a ball burbled neighbors >> chicago police searching for the gunmen who shot three people killing one of them in the englewood neighborhood this afternoon of around 4:00 near 70th and park bell avenue and 18 year old man died from injuries also 16 year-old boy shot in the stomach and and 88 year old man sitting on his front porch when a bullet grazed his art, police looking body shooter tonight. one year year anniversary of a cold blooded murder of a veteran chicago police officer to other officers shot west garfield park
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neighborhood late last night sean lewis in a newsroom with the latest >> chicago police telling us tonight what officer remains in the hospital in stable condition at the bullet lodged behind his ear should be okay, an investigation on questioning a person of interest stopping short of calling a suspect filing charges >> chicago police superintendent garry mccarthy on the scene of last night's shooting left to officers both 29 years old shot while walking up to suspected drug deal near wilcox and karlov in the west garfield park neighborhood of around 11:00 >> won grace diddy had left bicep the second hit right behind his left ear and fortunately in stable condition >> mccarthy says what opposite did fire a weapon before the gunmen got away, but tonight police talking to a number of people including someone that are calling a person of
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interest. last night one of a number of police involved shootings in the last five days at the latest early this morning near 92nd and ashland police shot and killed a man who they say shot and fired a magun officers not injured investigations and officer in bald shootings there were five other incidents since early friday morning bringing the total they say 27, police department 7 opposite overnight sunday this man's son was killed when he allegedly pointed his gun at officers in the night 100 block of south ashland as investigators continue to look through the evidence in monday night's shooting of those two officers
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>> as mentioned the shooting of the two officers came exactly one year today that police officer michael bailey fatally shot outside his south side home >> a pair of memorial services held today for the two mackinaw race sailors who perished in a severe storm sunday night eight people from the to the water when the sailboat wing nuts capsized six rescued but the mark morley and suzanna bickel died filled with locals the church in chicago press continue for mark morley and suzanna bickel at the race ceremony >> rundown but a city worker in a an injured woman who saved a child's life speaks for the first time has not been seen since been released from prison in new clues to casey anthony whereabouts and here is the man of the hour, tom skilling >> we have ourselves a 99 degree
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day on the way tomorrow it will be hotter than today in the city but rockford hit 100 degrees today first time in 22 years we will have some areas do that again and thursday tomorrow storms later in the week to temper the heat? talking about that and looking at the states under heat advisories across the united states tonight when we come back with the fall weather segment stay with us.
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yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. wgn news @ 9 safety light of the toddler but critically injured when an intoxicated on duty city truck driver struck her and other people with a truck in the gulf coast area this past spring. now is suing the city and the driver >> with their quick action be 25 year-old nanny likely prevented catastrophic injuries with a toddler in her care but the truck of the entire skits city worker left jen anton unable to walk hard-pressed to pay bills and uncertain about her future today's press conference jen anton first public appearance since the may crash on the gold
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coast leaving her in a wheelchair on certain to ever walk again. nanny pushing 20 month old tyler jones and a stroller when a truck driven by the department of sanitation driver dwight washington ran her down along with other pedestrians on the corner of russia and cedar >> it was like a white flash pushing a trawler and then stroller and then it was so fast i was face down on the sidewalk and the truck was on top of me and doss >> jen anton pushed the stroller away keeping the girl out of danger but her pelvis sustained severe fractures cannot feel her right foot and sense had 11 surgeries, dwight washington found to be intoxicated at the time of the crash, jen anton and her mother who has not left side holding him and the city responsible in court >> i was broke and i can feel the bones not whole, >> jen anton taken care of tyler
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center birth visiting often in the rehabilitation center of chicago, she is devastated to be unable to work at most everything she once enjoyed. >> when i first woke up, my first thoughts were is she okay? >> long term impact is substantial aside from medical problems facing financial ones as well, currently on her parents' insurance policy which expires this fall when she turns 26 years old psychological long-lasting effects also >> i am watching every car every corner every intersection now my thought is just ok any car can crash at any moment >> jen anton lefty rehabilitation is to chicago this week with the help from mother moving into a new wheelchair accessible apartment where she will continue therapy. jen anton friends have established a fund to help pay for care donations can be sent
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to the jen anton bond chase bank >> another young man going to present the at this video taped beating of fenger school student both families in court 20 year- old eugene riley 32 years behind bars for the 2009 bob beating of 16 year-old derrion albert cellphones video came to symbolize u.s. pilots in chicago. the cubs mother thinks that would not have been justice without the video. >> i have said that before and again if we did not have that video we probably would not have caught who did this >> 32 years have to accept that it is not going to change personally i believe it should have been lager i was expecting maybe 50 years >> eugene riley the fourth of five people convicted in the last lapoleon colbert will be sentenced next month, a former chicagoan enrico luciano
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mascaro will return to north carolina to face charges in the murder of steger honors to get shot dead friends, danielle dennis-towne staying with enrico luciano mascaro and family in the outer banks this summer parents reported missing last friday nationwide alert led police to bridge to get to arrest enrico luciano mascaro later finding danielle dennis- towne body and a truck at his car, enrico luciano mascaro did not say anything only a brief by contact with parents being held without bond. >> chicago fire department with a lawsuit claiming hiring test on fair to women 27 year-old woman filed a class-action lawsuit alleging sex discrimination. samantha vasich failed to the physical exam after preparing with their personal trainer she says the jim exercises the burdine and not related to job performance. believes she could pass a test using and other cities that simulates a firefighting, women make up 2% of the ranks no comment from a city fire officials. a crucial victory for
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30,000 state workers and arbitrator ruled today that gov. quinn by leaded agreement with the american federation of state county and municipal employees you get by blocking the 2 percent pay raise increases supposed to go into effect july 1st, gov. quinn clamp legislature did not prove enough money to cover the pay hikes adding up to about $75 million the arbitrator told the state to pay raises make up the difference and lost wages within 30 days, gov. quinn plans to appeal the decision. >> coming up a sneak attack but the empire struck back. rupert murdoch wax with a pie and then his wife a job to his defense and the end of the second largest bookstore chain about to get out of business. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet.
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mogul rupert murdoch attacked he and his son facing tough questioning from the british parliament about the phone hacking scandal >> members of british parliament did not give rupert murdoch a chance for opening remarks but did not stop him from making a statement >> i would just like to say one thing, this is the most humble day of my life >> lawmakers focusing on what him and his son testifying, phone hacking accusations news of the world tabloid including murder victim's politicians and
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celebrities, murdoch answered no knowledge of hacking or cash supplements paid to victims >> alternately you are responsible for this fiasco >> no. >> you are not responsible who is responsible? >> if the people i trusted to run at the company and the people they trusted >> rupert murdoch said the close tabloid tested what percent of his news corp. including fox news and the wall street journal tapping allegations had spread to 26 journalists paid police for information commissioners of scotland yard resigned amid ted arrests, one committee member asked murdoch if the phone hacking extended to september 11th victims in the united states >> no evidence of that at all as far as we know fbi has not found any >> a man suddenly attacked him with a plate of shaving foam at the end of the committee after a brief break continued when asked if he considered to resign
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he answered no. >> frankly i have the best person to clean this up >> we want to hear from you do think rupert murdoch should be held responsible for the newspaper hacking scandal? text yes or no to 97999 or vote on line results after tom skilling seven day forecast. >> possible break forbreakthrough in the battle over the country debt problem several republicans and democratic senators called the gang of six come up with a plan that would reduce the deficit and generate revenue streams a proposal that would save 3.75 trillion dollars of the next 10 years and take in one trillion dollars in new revenues president obama said at a news conference he supports the plan >> domestic spending and defense we need to be serious about tackling health care spending, and entitlements in a serious
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way and we need to have additional revenue >> all are members interested in what they had to say we will be looking at that as we move forward >> the plan is expected to see a lot of resistance in the republican controlled house which is against any tax increases, the country debt at 14.3 trillion dollars that congress must increase that limit by august second saw the government can continue paying bills and benefits. still ahead where is she now? defamation that could shed light into the whereabouts of casey at the after released from jail, from a dogfighting conviction to an advocate for animal rights, michael vick taking fight against animal abuse to congress.
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new reports tonight that casey
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anthony may be in southern california according to the los angeles times left orlando on sunday on a plane owned by one of her attorneys flight records indicate the plane eventually landed at john wayne airport after making stops in northern florida and other spots 25 year- old recently acquitted of murder in the death of her 2 year old daughter current legal team it declined to comment on whereabouts. >> present after dogfighting convictions star quarterback for the to the delta = michael vick says does not want to see children don't on the same path that he went, spoke in support of legislation that would criminalize spectators and others to organize animal fighting new law passed easier to prosecute people of finance and a range gambling provide locations and to bring or allow minors to attend such events. borders cannot book buyer so closing stores nation's second
9:26 pm
largest bookstore chain asking court to approve the liquidation of remaining 399 stores losing almost 11,000 jobs in the process, closing could start as early as this friday company filed for bankruptcy in february closing 200 stores nationwide after losing out to competitors barnes and noble as well as amazon and online book sales. two major newspapers in chicago teaming up to save printing cost tribune beginning to print the sun times and seven sisters papers in an agreement released today, closing printing sot * 2800 south ashland will eliminate 400 jobs, saving $10 million however tribune will hire 100 employees to hire and build new work and could choose some of those personnel. temperatures in the '90s it will feel more like the triple digits tom skilling fall forecast coming up next.
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definitely try to stay indoors today like a lot of other people we were lucky in the city and lake breese although it brought the fog and did you notice the sunset tonight? absolutely beautiful view from the signature room on top of the
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hancock building of our gorgeous sunset tonight what the city looked like right here a beautiful view in the time lapse if you have been sitting on the defog here is what that has looked like today deep you looking at the lake, fog rolling down the shoreline here, wind turning northeast mid 70 dew point air making contact with air, fog forming that was today beaches shrouded by fought tonight and has diminished so we are in good shape, another interesting twist in the but they're going to the north of us look at the big cluster of storms we spoke about the ring of fire pattern blazing heat and then the storms erupted in clusters around such a cluster coming out of wisconsin going to keep an eye on this thing seems
9:31 pm
to be holding together while they develop and a lined pretty strong wind this could be a damaging wind producer pour some parts of the midwest coming south, watch as it passes the heat rushing it tomorrow up around 100 degrees. take a look at this pretty formidable patches of storms, and a line, a straight line with the producer squall line that produces those wind holds together at longtime racing southeastward tapped around here the atmosphere interesting to see the weekend as it comes to our direction holding together we could be awakened early in the morning by thunderstorms this is what the store prediction center says it could be said here tonight here is what the model shows the bulk of the storm will pass to the east we will see now one thing for sure going to be hot tomorrow look at the del
9:32 pm
monte today 14 states with temperatures above 100 90 is stretching it to the southern parts of canada, it was really blazingly hot in the area, rockford first 100 degree temperatures in 22 years joliet not far these temperatures are going to stay hot tomorrow temperatures flirted with the century mark where 85 tonight in chicago and there are 30 states under various advisories for heat and thunderstorm watch now and the fact flood watch is in northern wisconsin yellow and green area, hot bell jet stream carrying the storm southeast as the heat builds up tomorrow pushing the storm jet stream to the north not until this up on friday storms coming back into the picture is to be significant to the storms with all the heat and humidity could be formidable
9:33 pm
bidder in the week some of you disappointed that the brain has messed up very dry around here, with all of the heat and humidity a jet stream to pick the air mass certainly setting the stage for big storms 92 at this hour still in minneapolis feet just west of the city still triple digit heat index included one of nine at minneapolis, east wind sparing the heart of the city fading, southern tomorrow and will take: tomorrow due points at 70 supporting be fought, look at the highs and the fox valley today rockford was actually 100 by the late in the 80s today from waukegan to wilmette 84 at o'hare and 85 at midway tonight the warm air will wash back into the city, may be warmer in the city towards morning that it is now
9:34 pm
these are some of the high temperatures out in iowa today as an example of the pettifog, from hamid elementary school coming into the city throughout the course of the day 12th day 90 and above at o'hare airport more on the way 100 tomorrow is the forecast, 99 degrees on thursday hot until sunday despite the fact thunderstorms on friday saturday could affect heat later in the day, over the weekend we will talk more about that serious long-term relief or again the key to looks like it could turn cooler later in the week but up again later in the week summer has a way to go. partly cloudy hayseed warm and humidity chance for thunderstorms coming in from the midwest later tonight mostly 76-82 degrees wind becoming southwardly overcoming the eastward flow that has pared the city and the lakefront, partly
9:35 pm
cloudy and warm hazy and humid tomorrow with lots of sunshine high of 100 with the heat index of 1 05-112 which is dangerous 10-22 mi. per hour southeast wind, which makes it feel more hot interestingly after 95 degrees, fair hazy oppressively warm and muggy tomorrow night 78 and maybe mid '80s in the bill sun and clouds intents the hot again with temperatures not far from 100 99 degrees and the heat index again at the triple digits looking to be about 92 with storms developing in the afternoon on saturday and friday the weekend you could see keep coming back with afternoon thunderstorms again maybe relief after that coming back later on the seven day forecast >> 78 wednesday night for the low at o'hare in the city the temperature is higher
9:36 pm
>> coming up if you do any calorie count at restaurants rounding up or down? how accurate by the numbers that advertise and here comes the bride all dressed in, why this woman was arrested after she tied the knot. >> sports the cubs and taking on a lowly phillies again what is going on? how many games on the chicago cubs out? maybe it is the fog that has rolled dead. the cubs may beat the phillies again we will tell you about that at the white sox just about down to their last bullet in kansas city all of the baseball coming up at 955 pm. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try...
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or divorced men who waited on average six hours to get treatment, casting women single or married majority went to the doctor at the first sign of heart trouble more conservative. >> we make them go >> a very true >> the wallet to the rescue, a pint size that puppy bad enough to armed robbers later in sports white sox and jake peavy, or two in a row and kansas city. save them. presenting woolite complete. it cleans your jeans, and won't torture your tanks. so your clothes stay looking and fitting like new. woolite. long live your wardrobe.
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boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh. aflac! oh, i've just got major
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life opens up when you do. wgn news @ 9 michigan police had a warrant for felony identity theft, police found out going back to michigan police tracked her down she was at a wedding her wedding, they rushed to the church waited for the ceremony to end and took her away still in her gown. books and freed on bond in time to spend wedding night with her new husband. weighed less than 10 lbs.
9:45 pm
standing less than 1 ft. tall but paco the show what as scary as bad man looked at him bear the robbers were so scared to armed men had ordered the owner of that ace smoke shop for a shot to hand over all of this cash the dog step that they did not realize it was a very small dog fearlessly attacked them protecting his owner and his property. >> he was a rescue dog sell just everybody rescue a dog you never know when you will need him >> and the deeds on the got away with about $200 nobody was injured in the incident i am sure their pride was injured >> i want that doc >> looked like a couple of lamps, tom skilling >> what was the whatpaco? good for paco. i guess so. one brave little dog. good job paco. some heat on the way tomorrow
9:46 pm
watching the storms look at that blanket the amble top on that the way the lightning is charging away storm system to the northwest driving down east end of the hottest air mass, coming in here during the day tomorrow weather the storms come through or not right now 85 degrees at o'hare airport factor in the humidity heat index debt of around 90. pushing, as temperatures to the west look at what happens to those tonight only in the mid- 70s, soaring to near 100 degrees at o'hare airport tomorrow, 97 at midway according to the model, readings are around 80 tomorrow night '70s in the suburbs low and mid '80s in the city back into the 90s during the day on thursday, what can happen we get the storms to develop and watch how this transpires the next few days, there is tomorrow southwest wed
9:47 pm
no fog along the lake no beach closures because of the fog in front coming through the storms right there that blossom later in the day on thursday they could be fairly formidable and another air mass, and late in the day on friday, those thunderstorms could add based parts of those days temper the heat but believe me no bonus. instead of 100 low 90s friday saturday sunday. by early next week humidity will tail off a little bit but we are getting indications to keep activity building back in better in the week next week so summer is not done yet, no surprise, we have had all up 84, 100 degree days since we started whether in at midway airport in 1928 it is amazing not many of us have occurred in the last decade saw six years 100 degree temperatures around here if we
9:48 pm
get what in the next few days >> you have set us up made us great >> stay cool guys see you tomorrow >> humidity today chicago to get photographers out at about capturing photos.
9:49 pm
more photos on our website and the man best known for bringing the music to the bozo show on wgn television passed away, robert "bob" trendler led the 13 piece bozo big top band from the time the show started in 1961 until he retired in 1975. longtime member of the wgn family starting as a musician and arranger for wgn radio in 1935 making the transition to television wgn television orchestra first went on air in 1948, robert "bob" trendler died of natural causes 99 years old. coming up tonight after a beating one phillies ace last night the cubs look to make life difficult for cliff lee tonight, and the nfl appears to
9:50 pm
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in kansas city it was a triple digits all night long 102 ec index when the game started so almost refreshing >> not much going on in kansas city even though the sox had a lead for the good part never really felt like they're going to win and they did not. grab a first-inning lead again tonight carlos quentin 1 of 2 sox runs in first jake peavy open with lead defense gordon beckham in the fourth inning stolen gordon beckham has been a huge at second base all year long but in the sixth and not the key to do about this, up the metal into center field 82 run single put the kansas city royals up front first time all night at 3-2 than in the seventh inning sale in long to melky cabrera to finish it off for kc, will not win with
9:54 pm
only two runs but to often a matter who is pitching. 4-2 royals. heat getting to them at wrigley field and the cubs get into philadelphia i get off of the great cliff lee castro first homer of year at wrigley garza lost shut out performance last timeout dazzling phillies going 7 strong shutout innings again, in the eighth inning because give up chase utley up middle 2 runs in, 2-2 that is where it stands and a ninth- inning on the north side tonight. north broadway welcomed as best special shopper this morning cubs' first baseman carlos pena who hit 250th career hr tonight helping to sponsor pepsi spot search contest and
9:55 pm
with a chance to play softball against the depaul of famers might enter himself. >> i can only imagines how it would be to see these guys coming over and play against my family and my cousins pickup games every weekend i can relate to the excitement and i am excited or whoever comes up as a winner who is going to be the lucky one i cannot wait to see >> if there are no glitches there should be an nfl settlement by friday and the chicago bears could be in camp as soon as it week from today if there are no glitches. players' executive committee got a look at the latest on this proposal tonight they may vote on that tomorrow and the owners would allow follow suit on thursday they have to work out the brady brees manning antitrust suit,
9:56 pm
difficult to believe they would call up a potential agreement about that so and a couple of days it should be done but late in the game they should ditch the hall of fame game between the chicago bears and the st. louis rams on august 7th. the nba released the regular-season schedule today even though nobody expect playing these games, the bulls would open at that < host atlanta in the home opener november 5th scheduled at the los angeles lakers on christmas, chicago sky putting together a nice home court advantage all state party not defending champion seattle tonight a big one from point guard pranced 13 points in the third at 22. big game seattle tried to run it back at foulke down deep sky when their fourth straight and narrow 78-69 patrick kane wrist surgery but swimmingly today out 6-8 weeks
9:57 pm
and ready for training camp >> the nba is looking grim >> nobody is saying anything to anybody i do not think serious talks until september and that it will miss training camp and on and on could cost them the entire season a lot more people losing a lot more money than football >> that is the news for this tuesday night that you for joining us, updates on agreed night that you for watching. check out the kmart back to campus sale. get this coexist by cannon complete room, just 39.99, any size! cannon bath towels are now only 3.99. and all casual and dorm furniture is on sale - including this manhattan futon, just 99.99. there's smart, and there's kmart smart.
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